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re: brains

Hi, it's me. I'm not dead.

I went to Portland last weekend, but I'm pretty sure visiting Oregon and being a member of the living undead remain two separate things. Well, pretty sure. I guess.

So.... here I am! I meant to make a lot of different posts about a lot of awesome things that have happened. There were some good times and I got to see a lot of you. Between going out all the time, house sitting every other week and playing the hell out of Mass Effect, I haven't had much energy to post. Sorry? I know this just left your lives shattered.

What have you missed these last couple months?

Went to some parties, ate some good food and spent some amazing time "living" in Seattle.

Oh! Ohhh, oh oh.

The Mass Effect trilogy is amazing.

It's... it's.... hmm. Let me put it this way - only two of the games have been released and they rocked my small, self-centered universe. Each game had issues and there were elements of both that I was aggravated with. Yet the overall quality of each game just blew any complaints away. The stories were incredibly emotionally engaging to me. By the end of Mass Effect 2 I cared so much about my Lady!Shepard that I actually found some of her more difficult decision moments a little wrenching. After years of creating narratives out of games like the Sims I was super primed to immerse myself not only in the story presented, but in my own mental narrative for the character. Intellectually I know it's a game with fewer plot variations than a Choose Your Own Adventure Book. But the way it was designed and developed just made it feel so organic. The thought of playing an inflexible, stale game like Final Fantasy after Mass Effect is depressing.

I mean, I played the hell out of Mass Effect 1 & 2. I'd never played either and I played them both in a row. The finale to Mass Effect 1 left me so happy and goofy and excited. I spent a couple hours in the sun, watching the view and sipping tea. Then I jumped right back in. It was jarring and alarming but in the end such a good call. It was... ugh. I loved those games. I loved every single smart, well done scifi reference. I loved the romance subplots. I loved the way I'd drive the Mako up to the crest of a hill and a beautiful vista would just open up in front of me.

I loved those games.

Ugh. I just. When in Mass Effect 3 coming out? I'm losing my mind here.
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not actually dead

Hey guys! I'm not actually dead. I slipped on a puddle of overtime and fell off of LJ. I promise you'll hear back from me soon if you're trying to get a hold of me. So... HOW IS YOUR DAY GOING? Please leave the state of your day as a comment below.

Lots of stuff has happened. Work is... well, let's just say I'm doing a lot of unpaid overtime. But since I went on a totally fantastic and relaxing vacation to Fort Worden / Port Townsend my attitude is so much better. Things are challenging and tiring, but I don't feel as anxious or guilty. Getting those days was really important to my emotional health. It wasn't just time off - it was like taking a vacation from my life. There was this moment when Nicole and I were up in the early morning, sitting on the long porch with steaming cups or tea and lemon tartlets that I just knew I was living the high life. I even got sunrise walks on the beach and experimental fish cooking. So big hearts and love to Nicole, Micah and Candice for making it a very relaxing (if somewhat mellow and tame) vacation.


Other news...

Lots of petty stuff. Blah blah blah... Oh! I'm pretty excited about starting up my old CSA subscription with Full Circle Farm again. They've added an Edmonds location really close to the house. I'll be getting lots of local, organic, fresh produce every other week. I might actually get vegetables back in my diet! Plus, they've added Essential Baking as one of their grocery partners. The idea of getting to pick up a box of fresh veggies with my favorite potato bread is titillating. SUPPORT LOCAL FARMS!
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gift card wave!

Do to some weird complications I haven't gotten the last couple Christmas gifts out. Please wait until I have deposited the check for Micah's half of our Fort Worden vacation before you feel hurt and jilted. Then you can hate me all you want.

LJ ate my last post (always when I freaking forget to select and copy) so you'll hear about my real life adventures later.

For now...


I spent my work bonus (a U-Bookstore giftcard, natch) on expensive chocolate for Christmas gifts. My boss (in her great kindness) gave me a $25 Amazon giftcard. One of the things I like to do with giftcard or money presents is buy one gift-like thing and tell them what they got me. It sort of adds a touch of personal back into the transaction. So I have to decide between two DVD sets...

Star Trek


Iron Man

This is a very difficult choice. Yes, I liked Star Trek more in theaters. How else can you explain going five times, with two of those times being IMAX? But... but but but! I think Iron Man would make a better DVD set to own. It's so gosh darned shiny and it would help feed my new found interest in comics. So for the two people who read my blog (one of which is my mom), which DVD set should I buy?

Oh rambling silly LJ posts, what would we do without you? Probably just post pictures of our cats.
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the new wave

Thanks to the pot of delicious awesome sauce that is Chris's Invincible Super-Blog I am suddenly finding myself getting into comic books. I've got a solid, well-rounded nerd education so I've definitely read comic books before. But despite loving web comics, watching several animated series based on comic books as a kid, and being an exuberant nerd - I just never got into comics. I'll probably never be hot on superhero comics and my college-educated-feminist-from-the-NW filters will keep me highly selective, but... hey! I've got a new hobby! Isn't it exciting?

My favorite thing right now is costume design. The irony of loving a costume design when I don't really like super hero comics is not lost on me. Nevertheless - you should check out Project: Rooftop because it is totally awesome. You start just going "huh - very interesting" and then suddenly you're spending hours and hours on deviantart.

Getting into comics at age 24 is cool for me because I do have so many of my filters in place. I know enough to be intelligent about how I spend my time while still getting to experience a lot of new content. I'm quickly developing my own taste in not only in writing and art, but also in publishers and genres. It's awesome. For those of you who think this is silly because, geez, I've been reading webcomics almost out of the womb: I scorn your silliness. Webcomics may occasionally be printed, but comics not originally made for the web (especially from big publishers) are their own beast.

Oh, and I needed something to destract me from my raging crush on everything Rooster Teeth. Seriously, my RvB love was starting to escalate in ways that might someday (maybe) lead me to become one of THOSE fans. "I dun wanna be uh crzy fangirl. Oh noes!"
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Halloween & Thanksgiving

The great journal catchup continues!

Halloween was incredibly low key but fun this year. Work was so incredibly awful I didn't even have enough time to decorate. It's my #1 favorite holiday so it made me sad I couldn't do something to jazz the place up. Boo work! At least Micah and I got together for beers and pumpkin carving. Oh! I got to go to kaitou_marina and chiba_yuriko's shindig. It was just the perfect size of group and (nearly to the end) all women, which made it extra easy going and fun. The party had more good food and booze than we needed (always the balance you want at the end!), we talked, we played games and we watched riff tracks for Twilight. I can't imagine another group of people I would have been more in the mood to spend Halloween with. Often when you have a party with people from multiple social circles there's weirdness or tension. With kaitou_marina and chiba_yuriko at the helm I felt totally comfortable and included. It was nice.

Blah blah blah, life has been horrible.

I bought myself an XBOX 360.

I so couldn't really afford it and I should have waited for Black Friday, but I don't care. If I want to spend some of my god damned income on the occasional ridiculous, savings draining splurge I will. Ha! I stowed the system at Micah's place because 1) my house is ill suited and 2) his tv is fucking hardcore. Also, let's be perfectly honest here; 3) if I had easy access to it I'd have called in to work sick in order to play Fable II. :D

Thanksgiving was one of my family's better ones. I had, like, 2-3 full glasses of wine and I think that helped. Compared to other people I feel really grateful I have a government job (federal holidays, bitches) and if I have horrible relatives I've never been forced to eat with them (in another state, to add insult to injury).

Now I'm finally starting to really get motivated again to get some life stuff taken care of, clean myself up a bit. Shine the old shoes, as it were.

Kiss kiss! I'm too lazy to proofread this entry.
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Blah blah blah. Typed on my phone so please to be forgiving mistakes.

So October 23rd was my 24th birthday. It was a 3-day birthday festival of joy and light.

My parents had lunch with me at Kells and we did lots of delightful shopping at the Pike Place Market. I took Friday off in order to enjoy it properly. Housesitting in Fremont added that extra layer of awesome. I took fresh pressed unfiltered apple cider and mulled it myself with fresh ground spices. During the weekend I curled up with mugs and a cat in my lap to better read 5+ books.

Then I got to go out to an awesome meal at this Fremont bar where we were the only people who hadn't brought dogs. Adorable! Dogs and breakfast and drinks. Katie, Nicole and Micah were excellent company. It was especially adorable when Nicole got a candle and asked around for a lighter. I got a little Cupcake Royale birthday cake! Overall, a relaxing birthday weekend.

I bought myself so much crap for my own birthday. Heh.
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Back on!

Ok, I had my October post-once-a-day mission that was derailed by house sitting twice and being without consistent internet access outside of work. I try not to post at work (it makes me post extra bitter things with extra terrible spelling) and I sort of lost forward momentum... well. At least I'm posting now. Before I post about the cool things that have happened in my life I'd like to do a 'fluff piece' for my loyal followers.

I like Lady Gaga. I find 'her' work (i.e. the way they've constructed her persona and music) both entertaining and intellectually intriguing. But now that I've seen the music video below I have something a lot more important to say.

There needs to be a remake of Labyrinth with Lady Gaga as the Goblin King. Please let there still be a young girl she is tempting. Oh yes. That would be hardcore. Just like Bowie warped an entire of generation of girls' sexuality (with his pants, among other things), Lady Gaga has the opportunity to fuck up a generation all of her own by being... heh. By being very Goblin King.

ETA: Thanks neocloud9 for bringing the video to my attention!

ETA 2: Apparently my edit screwed up the embed. Now it should be working again.
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feeling better, yo

Today was fairly terrible and upsetting. I might have yelled at my boss. Whoops!

Then I had a burger and fries and a milkshake and then cheesecake. I also got to see my anime night peeps (who I love) and watch the piano show. Micah likes his birthday present and now I'm feeling merry.

chiba_yuriko? The totally dorky (but fun) manga I was talking about is 1/2 Prince.
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nostalgia the weird way

I know nostalgia is supposed to be this big awesome thing. Sometimes, though, it's a little unsettling. I suppose it will only get worse as the years go by and I move from "old according to kids" to "actually old", but it's weird to think of things that feel recent as decades ago. Here's an example for everyone the same generation as me:


You hear the name and you think to yourself, "oh yeah, they're from a couple years ago." But check this out - they've been on hiatus since 2002. Two thousand fucking two. Wha! It's as if I know intellectually they've been gone for awhile but whenever I hear dates and think about it I am super surprised. I guess it wouldn't be so bad if I had liked the group and had followed them. But I didn't really listen to their music and so it served as more a part of the landscape of my youth rather than as a treasured element of it. It's part of the background that I barely notice passed by way long ago. My favorite group is the Beatles, but they've been old since I was born.

The song I Want You Back is from 1998. You know how old that is? Watch the video and see. Oh - and watch for 2 minutes and 43 seconds. I like to call that dance move the funky monkey. To this day I still can't believe people were really scary into this group. I hope we're already collectively embarrassed about it. Jeez.

That's from over a decade ago. It's just so weird to think of how much time has passed since I was a young girl and I had peeps who were crying listening to these songs and gazing lovingly at their posters. Girls who were 10 and in love with *NSYNC can now legally drink. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

Damn, I'm getting old already.
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(no subject)

I almost didn't make my deadline for today's post, and I'm only 3 days into this. Bad sign.

I spent today "designing" totally awesome English-style cottages, eating lots of eggplant and generally catching up on my anime watching. It was a terrible, guilt-inducing waste of my time but also oh so fantastic. Tomorrow I hope to clean a little, write a bit and do something with Katie. Er. Today was Micah's birthday?


I'm no good at being funny at midnight. To make up for my lameness here's the most ridiculous anime fan vid I could find with late notice.